Age: 30
Birthday: November 24
Resides: London
University: RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
Degree: BA (Media Studies)
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I’ve recently moved to London on a working holiday visa. Its my fourth time in the UK, although I’d always been just a tourist before. Travel is a big part of my life - I travel for work, coordinating broadcasts in the Pacific and Asia for ABC Radio Australia.
I also travel for pleasure, and am keen to see more of Great Britain, and the rest of Europe during the next couple of years. But the main reason I’m in the UK is to work as much as possible with people that are creating innovative radio or online programs and who share an adventurous, modern spirit.
In some ways I’m a technology junkie, and a keen follower of trends in broadcast, online and  pop culture, especially music. In fact I’ve spent many years uncovering the hottest new acts in Australia, and exposing their music to new audiences in Melbourne and across Asia and the Pacific. I want to bring this enthusiasm and passion to my next roles, and I’m ready to take on some new challenges.
If you think what I have to offer can be of value to you, and those you work with, then please get in touch by email:
Ryan Egan
Specialist audio engineer,
radio producer and presenter.
Most Recent Employer:
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Presenting / Producing
Inside Out
On The Mat
The Deepend
Roocast (Oz music podcasts)
Radio Promo Production
Technical Production - Series
DIG Radio - Online Article
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