The national ion-supply drink of choice, Pocari Sweat. The word 'pocari' actually translates to "orphan child", and there are factories dotted around Tokyo's outer suburbs where the little pocari are herded and forced to use exercise bikes, while their sweat is collected and bottled for our eventual consumption. Much like that scene in The Dark Crystal with the gelflings and the Silverchair video for Freak.
While my Nude Beer idea didn't take off in Australia, it IS thriving in the land of the rising sun. I knew it was a winner! I'm pictured here with the sexy limited edition 'Samantha' and 'Betty' labels. Nude Beer: Distasteful Never Tasted So Good.
Look closely at the ingredients on these crepes. They rule! I got one with banana and choc-chip icecream, strawberries and whipped fake cream. My heart just about jumped from my chest like that scene in Alien to get away.
A sign advertising the good times to be had washing yourself on a small plastic stool inside this bath house. I was pretty tempted but we had some heavy drinkng to do, and i vowed to come back later but never made it. People in japan seem obsessed with three things: food, cute baby animals, and washing themselves.
It's really hard to forget you are in Tokyo most of the time because its just so amazing and full-on, then you see something like this and your brain does a 360 kickflip inside your skull while you wonder if maybe you should lay off the Pocari Sweat. Its ok, don't try to work it out.
The Japanese are so hip to what the kids will be doing next that i have no doubt we'll be seeing a bunch of these kind of dudes fangin' their little cars around Melbourne within 6 months. Mine arrives (without the giraffe which is an optional extra) just in time for Christmas.
When crossing the road on a bike, you must pop a mono and raise your hand in the air to wave at your fellow man.
Conflicting messages are common in Japan. The elephant and frog invite me to buy drugs and then the pretty girl says no! Who am I to believe?!
You don't see too many cars in the middle of Shinjuku, probably because people ate scared a large aeroplane will swoop from the sky and carry them away.
After I took this photo the driver waved crazily at me and I just shook my head. Some things just aren't funny.
They are miles ahead of us with fashion in Japan as well, and i have no doubt that evey second shop in Chapel Street will soon be stocking this 'Urban Commando' look complete with autmotic rifle and goggles. I was tempted to buy the entire ensemble to wear home on the plane.

On my last day Sunday in Japan we went into Harajuku to Yoyogi park and near the station heaps of kids (i think called 'Cos-play-Zoku') get dressed up and just hang out. A lot of dodgy dudes and tourists come down to take their photo, but there weren't that many kids on this day because it was so hot.

Most of the kids dress as scary goths and eat chilled monkey brains to help maintain their 'deathly white' complexion. spooky.

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